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Trying out

Try-out session

If you are interested in judo or jiu jitsu, you can join one of our training sessions. You can try out a training at any time of the year. For our training times, take a look at the scheduleFeel free to join all jiu jitsu classes, but preferably the Thursday judo class. 

ACLO course

We offer jiu jitsu courses at the ACLO all year long. There are judo courses during block 1b and 3a. 
During these courses you will learn the basics of these sports in 5 weeks. For more information and signing up, look at the ACLO website

What to bring

   – A gi (the training uniform, if you own one)
   – Otherwise, sports clothes and a hoody that can handle grappling
   – Bottle of water


We will try to provide you with a gi you can borrow for the try-out session, but there is a limited amount available.

Membership costs and information

A membership* at de Mattekloppers costs 90 euros per year. You can als get  a half-year membership for 45 euros. The membership cost might change slightly each year. If you are a member, you can join all training sessions, both judo and jiu jitsu. You are also welcome at our social activities!


* Note that if you want to become a member of de Mattekloppers, you need to have an ACLO card.

How to sign up

At the try-out session, you can ask for a sign-up form and give the form back to someone from the board the next time you join. Or you can download the sign-up form here and email it to secretaris@mattekloppers.nl

Further questions

If you still have questions, feel free to send us an email at info@mattekloppers.nl.